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Elumaja OÜ is dedicated to construction of healthy and energy efficient houses with ecological materials. The objective of Elumaja’s model houses is to offer a good quality home with a reasonable price for everybody, because we all deserve to live in a healthy house.   

Rene Valner

architect, board member.

tel: +372 56942920


The idea to start building ecological and economical houses occurred to us in 2010. We had been involved in sustainable construction by planning and building straw, clay and lime plaster houses. It was all great, but included too much manual labour and the houses were too much a niche product, so it seemed impossible to save the world building only a few houses per year.


The concept of Elumaja is based on a desire to build the world’s best houses: healthy, ecological, energy efficient, with a competitive price. To meet all these criteria the houses are produced in modules in a factory using wood for the structure, celluwool for the insulation, high quality wooden windows, contemporary heating and ventilation systems and tinted wood oils for finishing.

Leena Torim


tel: +372 56626039

I have been involved in all the activities that finally lead to creating Elumaja for twelve years. The key idea, so far, has been to create a space that embraces a natural, environment friendly, sustainable life style. The idea itself is enough to create all kinds of castles in the air, but what really makes my job exciting is seeing how these ideals come to reality and become accessible to the people here in our circumstances.

Hector Otero


tel: +372 53732769


I am a Spanish architect and have been involved in energy efficient architecture since university. I participated in the international competition of Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 with my team from the University of Valladolid.


After graduating, I came to live in Estonia and started looking for an office where to put my experience into use and practice ideas of natural materials in planning and constructing energy efficient houses. Elumaja OÜ was my first and probably the best choice, since I have been working here for three years already. I’ve learned a lot about how to look at houses from the moment they are planned until they are being used. Regardless of everything I’ve learnt, I still feel there is so much more to discover and the field continues to fascinate me.

Margus Tammaru

production manager

tel: +372 5012678



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